Highlights from #TourismTweetup March 2014

March saw another fantastic Tourism Tweetup with two interesting and experienced marketers, Marketing and Communications Manager Craig Easdown from Centennial Parklands and Marketing Executive Lindsay Richards from BridgeClimb Sydney.

Both Craig and Lindsay spoke openly about they way they manage their social media and how it fits in with their overall marketing. Both spoke about starting via experimenting and then formulating a clear and defined strategy that is not only executed by the small marketing team but communicated internally so all staff understand how they can (and maybe can’t) contribute.

Some of my favourite points we discussed:

# With BridgeClimb it took a little time to find the right voice (and tone) for their Facebook page and social channels. They realised that they needed their page to reflect the experience people have when they participate in a BridgeClimb activity and that is fun, exciting and upbeat. Once their voice reflected that across their other channels they saw success and growth in engagement on their page and really found their groove.

# Both discussed the importance of timing of posts and how the time of day and the time of the week can drastically impact the success of a post. Centennial Parklands spoke about reaching mums with bubs after 8pm verses cyclists or runners who you may catch in their work lunch break. Different times will reach different segments and the best way to know what works is to experiment with your own page and your own audience and markets.

# Both Centennial Parklands and BridgeClimb said they report to management monthly on reach and engagement. BridgeClimb also tracks referral sales through Google Analytics which is an important metric for them to monitor and maintain.

# Centennial Parklands talked about an interesting and successful social campaign they undertook last year. Through largely their own platforms and working with online social influences, Centennial Parklands created awareness, buzz and exceeded attendee targets for an event held in the park to celebrate Centennial Parks 125th anniversary. This marketing campaign has been nominated for a CommsCon Awards and it worth of it’s own blog post!

# BridgeClimb talked about their first Facebook campaign, celebrating the 3 millionth climb. As part of the celebration they asked people to share their Bridge story, with the chance to win a double pass (daily). BridgeClimb received 5000 entries/stories over the month long campaign period, many with photos. With permission they shared and continue to share the best of these stories.

There were many more great learnings and stories and I can’t thank Craig Easdown and Lindsay Richards enough for coming along and being such great guest.

Some links that were discussed:

Centennial Parklands Blog

Centennial Parklands Honey

Official BridgeClimb Twitter

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Highlights from #TourismTweetup February 2014

We had 22 people come along to #TourismTweetup with special guest Sophie Skillen, Industry Analyist (Travel) at Google Australia. See some of the highlight tweets below but my favourite quote and learning from Sophie was about letting people (customers) “convert anyway they want to” and the context around this was talking about tablets vs mobile vs desktop and the insights about the use of these when researching and booking travel.

Sophie also encourage us to look at Air New Zealand as a great example of integrating content as well as British Airways and Thai Airways – seems like the airlines have it.

Both Tourism & Events QLD and Destination NSW garnered a mentioned for their use of Google+ and live hangouts on air.

Another favourite was the mention of the website artcopycode.com and how old ad campaigns (pre digital) were being recreated in the digital age – the Burberry one got a special mention. Very cute.

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Tourism Tweetup

Go Future Media started Tourism Tweetup in early 2011 as on opportunity for those working in tourism marketing, to come together to chat about the use of social media as a marketing tool.

We often get together as tourism sales people but much less often seem to have the opportunity to get together as tourism marketers. This thought lead to a tweet and this tweet lead to the idea to create a regular tourism marketing ‘TweetUp’.

Upcoming Tweetup Dates – Sydney

Look forward to seeing you for a March Tourism Tweetup

Tuesday 25th March 6pm – 7.30pm

Cafe del Mar, Cockle Bay Wharf Sydney (a quiet area is reserved)

We are lucky to have two guests joining us for our next #TourismTweetup on March 25th; Marketing and Communications Manager Craig Easdown from Centennial Parklands and Marketing Executive Lindsay Richards from BridgeClimb Sydney. We will chat to the pair about how these two iconic Sydney attractions started their social media journey, how they manage the day to day and what has been some key highlights and learning along the way.

See the latest newsletter here - http://eepurl.com/P8paT




For more information or to RSVP email holly@gofuturemedia.com or you can tweet me at @hollygalbraith

Can’t attend but want to join in?

You can follow the hashtag #tourismtweetup on Twitter to keep up to date with all discussions at these tweetup’s and connect with other like minded people.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like further details, to RSVP or to discuss how you can incorporate social media into your marketing strategy.

Upcoming Tweetup Dates – Byron Bay/Bangalow


Email: holly@gofuturemedia.com or call 0432 274 846
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