Tourism Tweetup

Go Future Media started Tourism Tweetup in mid 2011 as on opportunity for those working in tourism marketing to come together to chat about the use of social media as a marketing tool.

We often get together as tourism sales people but much less often seem to have the opportunity to get together as tourism marketers. This thought lead to a tweet and this tweet lead to the idea to create a regular tourism marketing ‘TweetUp’.

Upcoming Tweetup Dates

Friday 23rd October – Adelaide #TourismTweetup

A super casual Tourism Tweetup coffee morning will be held on Friday 23rd October at Cafe Troppo in Adelaide. Anytime between 7.30am – 9.30am

Register, come along and meet and chat with other tourism marketing people. #TourismTweetup





For more information email or you can tweet me at @hollygalbraith

Can’t attend but want to join in?

You can follow the hashtag #tourismtweetup on Twitter to keep up to date with all discussions at these tweetup’s and connect with other like minded people.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like further details, to RSVP or to discuss how you can incorporate social media into your marketing strategy.

Upcoming Tweetup Dates – Byron Bay/Bangalow


Would you like to host a #TourismTweetup event? Just let me know and lets make it happen!

Email: or call 0432 274 846
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